We are excited to be the first spatially-aware video chat and collaboration platform with closed captioning!

This is perfect for users with hearing loss as well as meeting minutes and many more ideas under development. Stay tuned…

You can activate Closed Captioning by selecting the menu button in the top right and enabling (or disabling) it.

We are excited to announce the addition of presence/status indicator colors around user video chat bubbles in our spatially-aware chat platform!

As we are seeing more and more companies leveraging GroupRoom as their new virtual office, it has become clear that we needed a way for users to indicate that they are available to chat or perhaps busy in another meeting or may just simply not want to be disturbed at the moment.

For starters, all users join GroupRoom in an available (green) status but each user can change their color status by clicking on the hamburger menu in the…

GroupRoom now offers the ability to toggle spatial / proximity video chat algorithms off and on making it easier to spread out in a space and still chat and collaborate with your friends and colleagues.

By now, we’re all familiar with social distancing in public places but does it matter online? Apparently it does… 😉

While spatial audio is new and effective, some customers have told us that sometimes “you just want to grab a seat and still be able to speak with everyone in the room”.

Rather than everyone having to select the megaphone feature and shout across the…

Tired of boring Zoom calls and Slack chats? GroupRoom’s spatial video chat platform now allows you to create 3D worlds powered by Mozilla’s AFrame WebXR tools.

Since our launch several months ago, we’ve been supporting 2D spatial video chat spaces with optional background image uploads to create rooms and spaces. Several weeks ago, we announced that we started offering infinite canvas rooms allowing spaces to 10x (or more) larger than your screen size allowing users to navigate around the space like a video game.

Now, you can copy and paste AFrame code snippets to create infinite 3D spaces that run…

We have always supported YouTube video embeds in our spatially-aware video chat platform. Several weeks ago, we added spatial audio to these YouTube videos allowing users to hear volume changes as they approach or walk away from the videos. Now we support YouTube Live and Playlists!

Now you can stream a YouTube Live event such as a keynote or conference feed into a GroupRoom space. This allows teams and/or breakout groups to see and discuss these events casually in a spatially-aware environment.

You can also now create video playlists for work or play and add them to your GroupRoom space…

GroupRoom now offers its Pro users the ability upload giant “room” images to create new larger spaces (expo halls, offices, lounges, beach scenes etc).

Rather than stretching the background image to fit the screen (like we started off doing), we now treat your screen (phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop) like a viewport into your new giant space. You and your guests can now navigate throughout the space using your arrow (or WASD) keys or your mouse. It also means that everyone now sees each other in the same place in the room i.e. …

Do you miss your office or your team’s dynamic from your office? Make GroupRoom your new virtual office space!

Create a group room (free signup) and upload a photo from your office. Invite your colleagues to join you and everyone grabs a virtual seat. Hangout and work in your new virtual office all day. Video chat and collaborate with peers by moving closer to them. Our spatially-aware proximity algorithms adjust everyone’s volume in a space as they move— just like IRL (in real life)!

GroupRoom offers embeddable team collaboration tools like private Zoom-like meeting rooms when you want full screen…

We were super excited to see SoundStage.fm throw a live “spatial” concert in GroupRoom and even more excited to hear the DJs say our platform was a better experience than Twitch — allowing them to have a more intimate experience with their fans!

Here’s a brief video of the Phuture Collective performance in action! I love the dancing element too — let’s see you do that in Zoom!

GroupRoom recently added live music performance enhancements to our spatial video chat platform allowing live music to sound better than on typical video conferencing apps.

The musician(s) can broadcast their performance…

In the early days, “work” was always a noun i.e. a company or a place (of work). Over the past decade, there has been an international digital transformation movement led by Citrix and VMWare across enterprise organizations to automate operations and evolve the word “work” from a noun to a verb i.e. an action instead of a place meaning people can now work from anywhere.

Fast forward to 2020…

GroupRoom can now embed spatially-aware YouTube videos! Like a real TV in a room, YouTube videos get louder as you move closer and softer as you move away from them.

Spatially-aware videos allow groups of people to watch multiple live or pre-recorded YouTube videos in the same room without interrupting other conversations in the same room.

This feature is also perfect for GroupRoom-hosted live concerts (more details) as well as watch parties. …


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