With all the ‘FUD’ (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that has recently been polluting the blockchain and digital currency related media, it can sometimes be confusing to see blockchain providers and digital currency logos emblazoned upon international level sports personalities, their teams and their clothing and equipment, not forgetting the various mentions and posts on social media along with the hash-tagging etc.

The global sports industry is an industry where we should be able to find the greatest qualities in human beings; honesty, fairness, dependability cooperativeness, determination, imagination, ambition, courage, caring, maturity, loyalty, self-control, independence and trust. These qualities must also be extended into their business ethics. So why do they go with what some people see as a negative industry, especially with all the ‘FUD’ knocking about?

At a glance, from an outsider’s perspective at a blockchain provider’s marketing operations approach within the sports industry, this may appear to be an attempt at exploiting some well known marketing strategies.

However, the above couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it is clearly evident that blockchain technology can, and is, quickly bringing about the evolution of an age-old system when it comes to sports, and the financial and administrative systems that support them.

It has been highlighted in recent news, that there are some of the biggest ambassadors in sports, partnering with blockchain providers and digital currencies in order to evolve and move forward with the latest technology.

From the firctionless and low-cost transactional and payment aspects blockchain in sports to recording race times and key events/data onto the blockchain, supported by RFID trackers etc. it’s no wonder why the sports industry is looking towards this technology.

One blockchain provider in particular is Dragon.

Dragon is a blockchain provider to the sports, entertainment and gaming industries and also comes readily equipped with it’s own full financial eco-system, being it’s very own digital utility token (DRG), Dragon Social Wallet (which is used for top-ups, transfers, purchasing and withdrawing DRG, invoices and statements etc.), Dragon exchange and other various support aspects.

The culture that has been created, encompassing Dragon’s partnerships with international level sports medias, is far beyond simply throwing a stencil onto a Formula E racecar, posting photos of former service men rowing the Pacific Ocean or having a world class mountaineering and expedition leader carry the company logo to the summit of Mount Everest; these are the basic formalities of a business relationship that is actually primarily created in order to benefit both parties involved and not limited to the form of an ‘exposure for cash’ arrangement.

Dragon’s co-founder ‘Paul Moynan’ who, being a former Royal Marines Commando, carries with him, the qualities mentioned above and endeavors to bring them into every partnership as the relationship fundamentals, demands a win-win from every business engagement. Paul is the driving force behind the culture of Dragon, bringing innovation to bear, driving home it’s business-to-business vision and adapting what may appear to be sponsorships on the outside, to mutually beneficial business models on the inside, by bridging gaps in traditional business finance and administration with the power of blockchain.

“At Dragon, we much prefer the word ‘partnership’ when it comes to engaging with our target industries. A partnership results in both parties being mutually beneficial for each other, whilst utilising each other’s skill, knowledge, ability and experience to generate more exposure, create a larger customer and fan base, implement additional revenue streams and an increase in operational effectiveness. Ultimately, both parties and our consumers walk away happy with the results of a healthy business relationship.

Now, imagine a mass adopted blockchain in the sports, entertainment and gaming industries? The boundaries lie only within the limits of our imagination.

Linking all of these industries through the power of Dragon blockchain to create a faster, transparent but discreet payment and transactional system that saves the customer and the companies/organisations time, effort and millions of dollars over the course of our partnerships. This is something that Dragon is bringing along with partnerships. As well as smart business administration, utilising blockchain for smart contracts, the leap forward that can be realized is truly astonishing.

Previously, barriers existed that prevented decentralised systems presenting a way forward but thanks to BitCoin and Ethereum, these barriers have been removed and as a result, the potential for growth within a myriad of industries is massive.

It’s a win-win and a highly prosperous future for all involved”

-Paul Moynan

Dragon’s business model, when integrated with sports medias in particular can bring about the evolution of not only the long-standing and outdated transaction and payment methods, but improve the business administration aspects of this industry, saving literally millions of dollars per year for the sports medias and the consumers, as a result of mass adoption of the Dragon blockchain.

From prize monies, merchandise, ticketing, registrations, contracts, release forms, competitor data to include health and fitness, competition analysis data, in fact any data of value can be securely managed and moved securely within a time frame and cost bracket that the current centralised banking and administration systems can only dream about.

Therefore, it is of no wonder why numerous sports medias are turning to blockchain for financial and business administration systems; systems that Dragon can, and is providing international sports medias with.

The future is blockchain,

The future is Dragon.

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