Beer Making a Better World

Anhueser Busch had an interesting form of digital marketing that I think did a really good job of instituting a different aspect to the overall image of their company as a whole. Obviously we all know this company for their many different kinds of beers and they are very popular across the country. Something that is generally not associated with the company is philanthropy and helping out the community around them. This is not to say that the company doesn’t practice any sort of philanthropy regularly or that they are bad people for not doing so, I am just saying that the public image of this group is not usually associated with this type of work. I believe that they took notice of this and wanted to really showcase what it is that they do to help people in need. Anhueser Busch starting a digital marketing campaign that they titled “Better World” This title is immediately met with the tagline “Brewing Goodness”. This page can be found on their website under it’s own section. Within this section of their website three different categories can be found; alcohol responsibility, community, and sustainability. This different sections all contain something that is trying to help the overall population around them. The alcohol responsibility section is something that most people would assume would be on there but it is still nice to see. Alcohol has many damaging effects to a person’s body and can cause a lot of problems. It is nice to see that a company is aware of this and they are making sure that people stay safe while they are consuming their product. The next section is where I thought it was very insightful to see what different kinds of work this company was doing besides beer. Upon clicking on the picture entitled “community” You are brought to a page where people can see some of the philanthropic endeavors that this company has undertaken. The one that stood out to me the most was the one that was called the emergency drinking water program. This program was a partnership with red cross where they distributed clean drinking water to disaster victims. It is things like this that really make you look at the company a little differently than just thinking of them as a beer company. It really makes you look at them and think that they are really using their money in a way that can help others in need and help make the world a better place. This is a good digital marketing strategy because it works on two different levels from the perspective of growing a business. It helps the consumer see them in a more positive light and will also make it so that the consumer in question associates their product with these positive events, this can lead to higher product sales and increase their customer base as whole. People who may not have liked an image of the company may have it changed and therefore having their purchasing habits changed as well. Another level this works on is that it makes the business look better to investors. With this positive view from an investors standpoint they be more likely to invest more money into the company, or it may even lead to more people investing in the company cause growth for everyone involved. The last section of this page is titled “sustainability” this is another one of those sections that allows people to see the company in a new light as opposed to predetermined notions about them. When you think of a beer company you usually don’t think of them as being environmentally friendly and this is not the case here. This page talks about how the company is constantly looking to lessen their environmental impact on the world. On top of these in-depth statistics they also go on to talk about how they are looking to help the environment on it’s own as opposed to just lessening their footprint. This is very forward thinking and another good aspect to see from a company where you would normally not expect to find such things. The benefits here work the same way as they did for the community section, the consumers will think of their company different and therefore think of their product differently hopefully increasing sales and their customer base. And the investors will see this and think of the company as a whole in a better light causing them to either invest more money or encourage even more investors to invest their money. On top of this great campaign they also did a really good job getting it exposure through the proper channels on social media. They used twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram to an extent. Their Instagram use was particularly interesting because of the fact they they did brief posts where they would be exposed to be people and then taken down after a period of time. This was an interesting tactic and I think it makes it more noticeable to the people who are on social media because it makes it feel more interesting and exciting.