2018 — The Rise of the New #Resistance Movement

With the election of Donald Trump, the #Resistance movement was born. The sole intent of this movement — seemingly — is to “force” Donald Trump from office.

There are times I feel that the people who support this “movement” think that they are in open rebellion against the United States and look to accomplish this task through any means necessary. You have the Twitter #Resistance, the Meetup.com #Resistance, among the many others that are out there.

You also have former leaders of the government openly talking about supporting the #Resistance. They are the ones that should bother normal people. To go from leading the government to supporting its “overthrow” is a frightening statement to make.

Eric Holder, if memory serves, was the first to support the #Resistance movement. (You can read about it here and watch the video clip here.)

“… it means that I think I have to be a part of the resistance…”

Why anyone would doubt that he will go down in the history as the worst Attorney General of the United States is beyond me? But he would not be alone.

Do you feel included in this movement? Most Americans do not as it is clearly not be inclusive of all Americans
Hillary Clinton — “I’m going to do everything I can to support the resistance.” (Here, here, and here)

And there are others — too many to list here who are now in open #Resistance to the government they once led.

It is time for a new #Resistance movement to begin. This #Resistance Movement will strive to keep America to be torn apart by people who have no idea of what it means to be American.