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Chris McCormick Utah was passionate about Financial Department. He started with Chrysalis Financial Corp as a President. He held that position for 21 years then step-up in TruNorth Financial Corporation. He oversees the investment of funds and manages associated risks, supervise cash management activities, and execute capital-raising strategies to support company expansion as a President of True North Finance Corporation.

After almost 4 years he moved to Peak Debt Consumption as a President. This Company has 15 years experience of advanced debt relief. It’s one-of-a-kind debt consumption company, not a debt-consolidation company. It’s simply consumed your unsecured debt… and completely removes that debt from your credit report/history, as if it never existed. That is what makes them different.

Peak Debt Consumption work with almost every type of unsecured debt, such as Business Debt, Second Mortgages, Student Loans, Credit Cards, State and Federal Taxes, Charge Offs, Collections, Judgements, Liens, and Repossessions. In just 90 days of a span of time their team help to consume 65% of your debts. It helps to remove your debt from your credit report and history. It works with almost every type of unsecured debt and completely eradicates it from your credit report.

With the 15 years proven model results in the debts no longer appearing on the credit report, a rapidly improved credit score, a decreased debt-to-income ratio, No more harassment from creditors. It’s fastest and effective debt consumption and relief service, provider.

As a Financial Expert, Chris McCormick Utah is competent in strategic planning and project management. He and his team focus to provide their clients innovative solutions with unique services. He uses the input of employees at every level of the organization to develop the strategic plan. 
Apart from that he also doing volunteer work with Stepping Stones International with a mission to unlock the potential of orphaned and vulnerable youth (ages 12–25+) by nurturing their mental, physical and social well-being and creating realizable opportunities for them to become self-sufficient. He is also engaged with The Road Home organization. This organization provides emergency shelter and a variety of programs that help individuals and families step out of homelessness & back into our community.

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