America Is Better Than Donald Trump

I thought the Republican Party was supposed to be the party of responsibility for one’s own actions. Right? Remember that? Now, I’m actually hearing Republican friends saying, “It was all a set up to have Trump as the Republican nominee. We never had a choice. It’s rigged! Hillary Clinton set it up to make Trump our nominee. It’s so clear now. Can’t you see it? Wake up!”

Really? That’s the best you’ve got?

Well, duh. Of course Democrats wanted Trump to win the nomination. So did I. But that doesn’t make it a “set up”. Democrats believed that having such an obviously reckless, wrongheaded candidate as the GOP nominee was something that could never happen in Democrats’ wildest dreams, but we still had those wild, crazy dreams. Heck, it was funny to us back then. It was mostly funny because there’s no way that any group of people in the millions could be that stupid. Not a chance. There’s a whole system in place to prevent exactly that!

Why would Republicans throw away a party that’s been working towards furthering their party’s ideals and principles for more than 150 years based on a petulant, angry grudge? That surely won’t happen. That surely can’t happen. After all, Republicans have strong candidates to choose from. They can choose John Kasich. He could win. They could choose Huntsman. Hell, even Jeb Bush could do it.

But not Trump.

Trump is literally the only one that had zero chance to win. Why would they ever? They wouldn’t. They just wouldn’t.

We thought, “Certainly Republicans can see this, right?”

You know why we tried to warn you?

Here’s the truth.

Some of us long for the days when there was a reasonable conservative option to consider. Some of us appreciate healthy debate about real issues. After all, having strong conservative, moderate, and liberal choices elevates the discourse all around.

We don’t need a reality show host trashing America the way he has trashed his own businesses, marriages, personal relationships, and his hair. Some of us would never for an instant have been able to believe that anyone would actually think of Trump as the better choice to represent them over, well, absolutely anyone else.

When it began looking like some of these people were becoming serious about Trump, some of us on the left even began warning our friends on the right. “You’re making a mistake. This will not end well.”

“Oh, no, no, no”, they said, “We know that you really want us to throw you into that briar patch that is a more traditional candidate. We’re not gonna fall for THAT ONE! Not us! We’re too smart to fall for your tricks”.

When actually, we really did respect you and believed the GOP might deserve a chance to live another day. You just needed to right the ship. But, we warned you then, if Trump wins the nomination, the party is over. Quite possibly literally.

“Oh no, you’re just saying that because Hillary Clinton couldn’t possibly beat Trump,” many would say with confidence!

Eventually, we got tired or arguing with you even as we knew how this would go. We told you. Apparently, you’d have to learn for yourselves. All we could do is watch as you chose to believe your ever growing mythology over reality. We showed you the truth. You chose to spread the lies and call us the liars, but we weren’t lying about Trump.

And now you’re blaming Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for Donald Trump being your nominee? With a straight face?

Who are you trying to convince?

It’s not us. Nope.

We knew. We know who is responsible for Trump and it’s not us.

My Republican friends, this is very, very simple.

The Republican electorate, your people, chose Trump to be the standard bearer of your alleged ideals.

No one made you do it. You had every chance for this not to happen. You had so many other options. Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing. Don’t blame those in power for not stopping you. In fact, your own establishment was warning you the entire time. Friends were warning you the whole time. And your own warning bells should’ve been warning you not to do this. Anyone with a conscience not blinded by hateful rhetoric or their own prejudices and fears could see!

And yet? The Republican electorate chose Donald Trump to be their nominee with greater numbers than any Republican candidate in American history, including Reagan.

You weren’t set up, except by your own prejudices and the fears that Trump and those like him made you believe actually existed. There’s no other reason if you couldn’t see.

The Republican electorate has made an historically terrible decision with all the warnings anyone could’ve given ’em. You have no one else to blame.

Now that it’s too late, many Republicans are continuing to cry that someone else made them do it. It’s a grand conspiracy.

The alleged “party of responsibility” is absolutely unwilling to take their own responsibility for what they did.



All of those who voted for him and those who didn’t actively work against him to get a better candidate!

Republicans, you have no one else to blame.


You reanimated these lies over and over. You built them up into The Tangerine Demagogue.



Even as you were warned by your leaders to please, please, please not do this.

“We’ll show them”, Republican voters said, “The people know better than the politicians.”

And then there were those of us who preferred the Democratic nominee to win this election (for me, because of SCOTUS more than because of any candidate). We had that crazy pipe dream that we hoped Trump could be your nominee, but again, seriously, I swear to you, we didn’t actually believe the GOP would be so very, very stupid to nominate Trump as their candidate.

It was so funny to us then. It’s not funny anymore. We knew Trump was unelectable in a general election, but we surely didn’t realize that Trump would stir up so much hatred and actually thrive on it and gain strength from racism, sexism, threats of violence, outright vulgar misogyny, hate speech, and pandering to lower than the lowest common denominator.

We didn’t know that you would choose a presidential candidate that would admit to being more inspired by dictators than fairly elected officials. We didn’t know that you would choose the choice of white supremacists. And even more, we didn’t know that so many of you would double down on such evil and try to excuse it away even as you saw more and more clear evidence that Trump wasn’t worth your apologism.

A year ago, you would never have believed that you’d support a candidate who does what Trump does doing daily.

You would’ve thought it absurd.

I am heartened by those Republicans who are smart enough to leap off this disastrous ship to try and start anew. Those who go down with him will never be trusted again. I actually wish good luck to the rest of you.

And yet? Despite all warnings, here we are. You have to know that more and more horrible, but truthful stories will come out as Election Day approaches. You’ll even be able to watch him actually do and say so much of it live on your phones and TV’s or on his Twitter stream.

Once again, the only people to blame are the ones who voted for Trump.

But you know what? You don’t have to worry about us like we have to worry about you.

After all, exactly like with so many other problems brought on by the Republicans in my lifetime, those on the left will step up and save You Who Will Not Listen To Us.

You will not believe us, of course. Some of you will admit it in private to yourselves, but never in “mixed company”. But I want you to know that we know. And that we know that many of you know, even as you’re hunkered down in that bunker as your own bombs blow up around you.

You will try to regroup, but it won’t be possible until Trump is a distant memory.

And then, when Trump’s campaign fades into an orange sunset, while you’re trying to rewrite your recent history, and trying to save yourselves, your party, and your face, those of us who warned you (Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, and all other reasonable people) will continue working together to raise the signal to noise ratio. We will go on trying to deal with the issues and the problems of all Americans and not just the few percent on top.

Who is responsible for Trump’s ascendency? Republicans. Republicans did this. To themselves. To their party.

We will not allow them to do to us what they did to themselves.

We not allow them to do what they did to themselves to America.

We will not allow them to do what they did to themselves to the world.

We will not allow them to do what they did to themselves to our future.

America is better than Donald Trump.