Social Media Learnings (Expertise)

There are plenty of Social Media experts in the world and many of them will give you wonderful systems and ideas to help you be successful.

We use social media a lot and are learning by doing. Therefore I will share some of the experiences we are having on different social media platforms. Hopefully this will be insightful and give you some ideas.

You are an expert in your field, this must come through in your posting on Social Media. People are looking for good advice about your thing.

People need you to step up and show them you can help them make the best decision when choosing a product or service in your industry. You need to begin writing some articles and sharing them on LinkedIn and Medium. Take smaller bits from the articles and add to Facebook and Instagram.

You might ask; “where do I begin?”

Write down the 20 most common questions that are asked of your business and answer them. This is the best way to start. Before you know it these 20 questions become 30 then 40. Very quickly you might have more information to share than you know what to do with.

You next comment might be; “if I share this information people might take it and use it without using my services at all.”

This might be true but the person who does that was never going to use you anyway. If you do not show people by sharing this information about your industry that you are the expert in your field. Someone else will and they will attract people to them.

Be patient, be social and show you care. As Steve Jobs said; stay hungry, stay foolish.

Think about this; People want advice from experts in your industry. The problem you have is knowing when they need this advice. Start posting helpful information so that when the time comes people might see you as an option.

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