Chronologically this is not day4, but I didn’t write anything for a few days.

  1. The internet — enabling me to work from home, nearly seamlessly. Plus enabling a large part of my job in the first place.
  2. Peace of mind — as I think about upcoming large life changes like moving house, peace is my overriding sense — not because it’s a smooth or easy or short process, but because one has developed through walking the process with Jesus, rather than making a decision and expecting Him to get alongside it.
  3. First World Problems— I work a bit with a charity, and was hearing about work they were doing in Kenya over the summer. I can’t quite work out if it’s possible to be thankful while also being desperately saddened by the inequality that I’m an undisputed beneficiary of. But I think it is, so I’m thankful for the many things I have and enjoy, but acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with possession.
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