Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

You were hardly forced to have that man open doors for you. You could just as easily said, “Thanks, I’ve got it” and staid the course. Resenting him for being what I’m sure his mother taught him was polite is like resenting a cat for chasing a red dot. If you don’t want doors opened for you ignore them. Be polite about it. Those of us opening them are just being polite. I open doors for women all the time and I can’t stand women. I can’t take a class from a woman because the sound of their voices gives me a headache. I can’t stand makeup or perfume or women’s shoes. I would delight to spend the rest of my days solely in the company of men. But I will open a doors for women, and children and old people and anyone carrying too many packages because the opportunity to clear the path a bit for one of my fellow humans is a simple act of kindness on the order that doesn’t cost me much and one that I certainly appreciate when it is offered to me. Just say thanks anyway and get the door yourself. We won’t mind. I promise.

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