The nexus of digital life and IRL

I’ve noticed these stickers popping up with increasing tenacity — and not just in San Francisco, although this shot is from Mission Comics and Art, a few blocks from where I live.

These stickers are a forerunner to a time when we will take for granted the connection between the digital and the real worlds, and be comfortable and familiar with asserting digital identities at regular intervals throughout our day. That we have to be reminded to do this today is just a curious circumstance of the times we live in — and the new behavior that will, in not too many years, be expected of us.

It’s happened with washing your hands, not littering, and recycling. It’s not far off that we’ll be chided to not forget to “check in at X site” upon arrival, or “leave a review on Y site” on the way out. These stickers prove it.

Originally published at on January 18, 2011.

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