9 Travel Lessons Learned on my Honeymoon

I’m halfway through my honeymoon, flying from Portugal to Ireland. It’s been relaxing, but here are 9 things I’ll do differently on the latter half — and on trips from now on:

Journal throughout the day, not at the end. At the end of the day, you’re too exhausted to journal about sweet talking our way out of 2 tickets, or what the beaches in Carvoeiro look like. Instead, keep notes throughout the day. A great way of doing this: Using IFTTT to automatically create a journal entry everyday in Evernote.

Keep a two-item to-do list. No more than 2. Schedule time to work on it, preferably when you wake up.

Social media can add value. In China, we’d sit at tea houses and use crappy Internet to load pictures to Facebook. In Argentina, Picasa. The tools change but the experience doesn’t.Videos on Snapchat and photos for Instagram should be part of the experience, not means to escape it.

Strike balance between producing and consuming. Producing and consuming are intricately tied. Spend the day creating content. If you’re waiting in a queue, take a video for Snapchat or edit a photo for Instagram. In the evening, read from the Kindle or check Facebook.

Bad habits don’t just happen. You don’t have to skip workouts. You don’t have to eat poorly because you’re on holiday. Bad habits don’t happen to you, you give them room to grow.

Don’t watch TV in bed. You never do this in “regular” life. Why start because you’re on holiday?

Mise en place. Hang up your shirts, and put clothes in the dressers. Keep your wallet, phone, and notebook together. Everything in its place.

Structure helps you enjoy the holiday. When you take care of these things, you can be present in your holiday, instead of feeling niggled by what you “should be doing.”

99% won’t get it. Most people treat holiday as a break from the rules, the structure, the work. It’s a time to do nothing. Few take notes like this or do a 5-page write up on what lessons they can take away from a hotel experience (like Ramit did).