New Moms Can Get Depressed. Why Don’t Doctors Take Them Seriously?
Sushmita Pathak

This is major area of psychiatry that has been ignored for too many years and at a severe cost to our future generations. This is an excellent article but I feel that it fails to mention the other victim of post-partum depression, the child. When the period mentioned in this article is past with the depression ignored then often the mother resents the child and takes that resentment out on that very child with all the resultant physiological problems that develop as a result of this cruel treatment during the critical growth period of the human physic. How much does society suffer as a result of the ‘hand that rocks the cradle’ it has been the basis of many horror stories in literature. I have personal experience of this phenomena, my own eldest child now 50 years old still hates his mother and refuses to marry because he does not trust women as mothers. Might I also point out that there is a third victim of post-partum depression, the husband but that is the basis of another complete study.

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