Call for Story Ideas @ Strange Work!

Chris Mohney

I had a lot of fun editing (and writing for) the first “season” of Strange Work on Medium. I’d like to publish more stories of odd jobs. But who, who will write these stories? What about … yooouuuuuu?

In January I’ll be trying to convince Medium to cough up the dough for more Strange Work. It would be super helpful if I had a buffet of excellent story ideas to present. Now that the series is live, I’ve gotten a lot of inbound interest from would-be contributors, but more and weirder and wonderfuler is always better. A few guidelines:

  1. Everyone has a shot, but writers who are women, POC, and/or LGBT are strongly encouraged to submit ideas. This does not mean your idea or story has to be about any of these personal characteristics, though of course it certainly can.
  2. The gig is paid. How much is TBD, but I’ll know if we get the green light from Medium.
  3. Your idea should be about a job you have had or still have, where you were paid or compensated in some material way. Volunteer work, fun free side gigs, and ideas for jobs you’d take for the sake of the story don’t count.
  4. Right now I’m just looking for ideas, so you need only send me a few sentences describing the odd job in question. If you want to elaborate, feel free, but at this stage I’m gathering ammo for pitching Medium a concrete lineup of contributors. No need to go berserk with detail.

That’s it! If interested, please send me a direct message on Twitter. My DMs are open.

Chris Mohney

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Writer and editor and eater and drinker.

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