STRANGE WORK Is Back. In email form.

Chris Mohney

A year-and-change ago I edited a series of stories for Medium called Strange Work, which, to be fair, just didn’t hit the audience on this platform like the Jeff Bezos dick pic story. In my defense, great content like that doesn’t just show up on your phone in this economy, unless you work at AMI.

Despite this discouragement I’ve taken the next illogical step and turned Strange Work into a weekly email newsletter, which is the kind of behavior currently required of a dedicated hustling on-brand media personality like myself. It’s free for now, until I see a reason or a goal in charging for it, which might happen if it gets super popular and beloved. Best for you to subscribe now so you can stock up on all this quality, exclusive content, like today’s installment which focuses on how we should cook and eat media billionaires. Pictured is a cutlet from Mort Zuckerman.

Contributions are welcome by the way and are just as unmonetizable as the rest of it! So win-win. In conclusion and such, subscribe to STRANGE WORK.

Chris Mohney

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Writer and editor and eater and drinker.

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