I’m not a writer,

But I am a creator.

Hey there! My name is Chris Monachino (MONA-KEE-NO). As I said above, I am not a writer. I am a creator, and my medium is Snapchat Stories. A series of 1 to 10 second videos strung together to tell a story, make you laugh, or express one of my many abstract ideas.

If you’re not a writer why are you on Medium, Chris?

Valid question. I recently saw Gary Vaynerchuk speak in New York City. He was asked a question about documenting ones’ journey in building a business, personal brand, or anything else. He said how cool would it be if we could go back and watch Donatella Versace in her early 20's from the first day of her internship. (This was of course a made up scenario but got the point across.) Anyway, I felt inspired to document my own journey.

Did you just compare yourself to a fashion icon?

Not exactly. I have no guarentee of finding fame or notoriety through Snapchat. But how cool would it be if one day I could look back on this, or more importantly others, and see exactly how it looked coming up. Many people find fame and later tell the story of how they arrived. Few document the journey.

The purpose of these posts is to take you along on the ride. I plan to be 100% honest with this content. I’ll dive into metrics, interactions, strategies. Everything that goes into my story. My hope is to post once a week, but it could quickly become more often. So as I said before…

I’m not a writer, but I am a creator.

So please excuse the poor grammar. Like many things, I’m sure it will improve with practice.

-Chris Monachino

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