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The Obama Foundation

Exactly 500yrs ago, his “Mona Lisa” was among only 3 works Leonardo homelessly possessed as he fled from Italy for France w/ but a few years left to live. 500yrs from now, they’ll all compare President Obama to that “greatest-ever painting” canvassed in the same frame of magnanimous opportunity triumphantly not yet appreciated. That MOVING FORWARD had been indispensably ours is now but a trying stay in progeny’s baby steps. Hence risking the small returns whence longing for that targeted destination en masse shan’t otherwise be missed too long.

If his legacy’s but an event horizon beyond which matter’s irretrievably lost can’t charge our better angels, our of/by&fors shall perish from the earth. Lest making America great again should somehow trump the duly spared vanity of even our Gettysburg dead, that President Obama already belongs to the ages is our best forte forward.

Sustaining that on which you’ve made US our own better keepers in this perpetually greater USA, we thank you, President Obama.

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