History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

You have completely and totally, as is Biblically predicted, left God out of the picture. Yet another major historical mistake. It’s pretty clear if you read the Bible that the old testament is nothing but a history record over and over and over and over again of people ignoring God and/or his statutes, He gets angry and punishes the people, He lovingly renews is covenant with them, and they do it again. You have totally left the possiblity that God could work miracles through this and likely, regardless of how it appears to be going IS working miracles through this as all things work together for the good of they who love him. He places kings and kingdoms, as much as we the prideful people don’t want to talk about or admit. All authority is given by God and God alone. By your omission alone, I find your essay lacking. Rather than worrying about Plato… why not worry about El Shaddi and what HE is asking we do and worry about?

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