An App Named Janice

How my side project received it’s totally awesome original badass name.

Header Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

As I continue creating my app on Twitch, I wanted to share my journey with the internets. I figured I could use the blog like a log/planner/todo list. I’ve seen other people share their journeys when building indie projects, and it is pretty fun to follow along, so I am joining that train.


Yes, I named the app Janice. I have always had a difficult time naming side projects, but this one actually came pretty quickly.

At work, we use slack, and my profile picture for slack is Animal:

What’s the story behind this? Well… I just remember one of my co workers watching some video from the muppets and calling me this thing. He is wild! Right after I got a picture from google and set it as my profile pic in slack and jira, kind of as a joke, but it stuck, and now I still have Animal as my profile pic.

Anyways. As I was thinking of a name, I looked at Animal’s band, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem… lol. I saw that they had a guitar player named Janice, and I was like wow, that would be perfect.

Usually when I hear that name I think of a secretary. Not too sure why… And I felt like it fit the app I was trying to create. I then did a quick search on Janice, and came across something so dope! Janice was the secretary for Hank on Breaking Bad, my most favorite series everrrr. And I then knew that this app had to be named Janice.

Images from random google link. Sorry for not putting the actual sources.

I will be sharing the journey here on Medium and at my Wordpress blog. Give me a follow and come along for the ride!

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.

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