The road ahead - back to school!

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In short: Upcoming thursday i will start going back to school again and I think it will be great!
It’s almost nine years since i got my magister in political science and comparative religious studies - three kids came in my / our life and a lot of other stuff happend. Especially the last two years! Pandemic ..
I know it’s a cliche, more or less, but the pandemic and a few other events offered the possibility to follow other paths. Perhaps you can also say “forced” into new directions. Well, here we are — here we go!

On thursday i will start with project management, business intelligence und data analytics. Thats the school and the program.
Started again with SQL to be a bit prepared. Reading related stuff like this.
Also thinking about Python, R, statistics, etc.. It seemed not covered by school but for the analytical side i think i need it. Depending on the workload of the school I will go with it during or afterwards.
Also it will boost my french! I leveled up my passive skills over the last 8 months with podcasts - now it’s time for the active side. My hope or target for this is that i can get afterwards certified for that. Makes a lot of things easier living in a french-speaking environment.

Two days per week in presence — three days remote. That means i have to set-up my gear. Got a webcam, have to find my docking-station for my thinkpad, .. .
Right now I am a bit divided between Notion and starting Obsidian for the documentation / note taking side. I used Notion now for a while but I also want to give Obsidian a shot because of it’s relation-management. This would make much more sense for the whole course.
Also finding a secluded space in the house for when the kids are at home on vacation for example.

I also think about writing about the whole thing more often. Perhaps on a daily basis as a learning diary or every few days a round-up .. I don’t know yet. These things will be decided in the next days.

If you have tips, remarks, ideas! GIVE IT TO ME! NOW! Still have a few days.

I am looking forward!




strange guy in a strange world interessted in strange things

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Christian Müller

Christian Müller

strange guy in a strange world interessted in strange things

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