Cumulative Karma.

If I ever find myself looking back the road I walked,
Don’t pray for me if I don’t stop,
I stopped my heart, I still survived,
Can’t you tell these hills have eyes?
Will your broken heart, tired limbs, and heavy heels suffice?
I know we aren’t gone for long, 
But I can swear they won’t reach us,
I cropped my ex out of my pictures
Now wait for tragedy to teach us.

Call it cumulative karma,
But my skin is shield and armour,
I’m a terrible disciple,
I’m a sinner with a stammer.
Look at me and answer me, well… Have you seen a sinner stammer?
I… I am winter, I am summer
I am hot and cold (deny!)
Don’t you crave the gem-in-i?
I am “fuck you!” I’m “I love you”
I don’t need you if I can’t have you
I… I’m obscene, I spew profanities,
I’m a child (I hope too much)

If I ever find myself locking lips with girls I once loved,
You can deem me irredeemable,
Who I was, is who I am
I’m a bit lip, I’m a sly smile
I’m the firmness in my jeans
I’m the helplessness you felt the day you realised you needed me.
I’m the strength that you surrendered to,
I’m the weakness that you felt,
I’m the firmness of the ground on which you stand on… Or fall on,
And no, you are not forlorn.
I’m the silence that surrounds you when your fickle friends are long gone.
I’m the silence that surrounds you even, 
even when I’m long gone

You won’t wait for me for long,
Lord, I pray that you don’t have to
These are lyrics to a song,
These are words that you can hum to,
So hum the words, but you don’t have to.
I think I do not care.

I’m in Mombasa having my way,
Sipping soda ‘fore it starts,
I am sitted by the run-way,
Peeping up these women’s skirts.