The ecstasy of communion

oh, how sweet, my lovers lips, after days (and nights) away
so happy to behold me that we kissed before we prayed
but what else can i tell you if you’re all i speak and breathe?
what can my kiss communicate that you don’t already know?
my eyes address your soul,
you can’t sell what has been sold,
the dark night begs “be bold”
and i’d dare, but i’m old,
and there (i am told)
is a song that speaks in whispers, to warm hearts, hot and cold.

i’ll be there should it unfold
the opening of hearts, 
when strangers return home, 
having written home they would,
a meeting in the woods,
when hearts, not so fond, also bond, 
like they should.
if we laugh and love, (or try),
then the devil just may cry,
and if he does, you’ll see me dance
and smile my unusual smile,
and you will also try,
and find that it’s contagious,
and after all these ages, you will realize the sages,
lived a life not far from yours,
in fact they’d give you theirs,if they heard you offered yours
“but what is mine is mine”, 
say that with a naughty smile,
“oh what is mine is mine”, 
say that with a naughty smile