If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Interesting rant over individuals exercising their fundamental right to vote for a candidate of their choice. Maybe you are right. Maybe people who choose to vote for a candidate belonging to a third party are selfish. At the same time, people such as yourself who rail for change yet refuse to go outside of the two party system that brought us where we are today due to fear of an opposing candidate are cowards.

You rant is based on nothing than your own personal opinion, as if you are important enough to mean something to someone else.

If you wrote this opinion piece thinking that you were actually going to “school” people, try it again after you have actually broken a sweat with some life experience and can present yourself in a more mature and literate manner. Your piece reeks of being a 5 year old throwing a tantrum on the playground due to the other children not wanting to play with the toys you want them to play with.

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