A story of Two Friends


I was in a room with 500 people who had come to hear acclaimed author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki share his ideas about creating financial freedom. Robert is the author of one of the most famous personal finance books of all time, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (first published in 1997), and on this day he was recalling one of the lessons he learned from his ‘Rich Dad’.

My friend had got me tickets to the event at the last minute. Having recently read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I was fascinated to see this man in person. The lights dimmed and Robert took to the stage.

Eagerly my friend and I settled into the show, keen to take in the wisdom that was to come over the next few hours.


After the event, as we got into the car, I couldn’t stop talking to my friend about the strategies and ideas Robert had shared. In fact, after a while I’m sure my friend wanted to pull over and throw me out of the car — 30 minutes of me talking non-stop would surely be enough to drive anyone nuts. But I was just too excited.

Eventually I stopped talking and asked my friend what he thought about what we had just heard.

‘It was good … but I just don’t think it will work,’ he said.

‘What won’t work?’ I replied.

‘Well, it’s a bit risky, you know. I mean, working for yourself, building businesses, investing. It sounds good, but I think it’s much safer to just take a job, work hard, and put some money away for the future,’ my friend explained. ‘Even if you start and run a good business, it’s hard. The time. The effort. I just don’t believe you can achieve financial freedom.’

And there it was.


I don’t tell this story to gloat. I tell this story because you, the entrepreneur, have already taken a big step forward. You have already started the journey. You know the feeling of being sick in the stomach with fear. Fear of cash flow shortages. Fear of losing a key team member. Fear of not getting a return on your investment in your business. Fear of not being able to pay your mortgage or take a holiday.

Now you have another big decision to make: to face the fear of creating your own financial freedom. Of using your business to invest, grow your wealth, and retire early.

It won’t be easy.

But it will be worth it.

For this to work you must embrace your fears, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and strap in for the ride.

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