What they didn’t teach you in school

Some days I remember high school like it was yesterday — hanging out with friends every day, playing sport after school and on weekends, and the occasional assignment and test. Like I said, I wasn’t very good at school, so the academic stuff came last.

There’s one thing that I certainly can’t remember from school, and that’s personal finance studies. We learned everything from biology to literature to maths to art to languages, but never how to manage money. Hours were spent ensuring we knew how to evaluate a book and understand periodic tables and complex maths equations, but never the power of positive cash flow in business and in life or the massive benefits of compound interest.

We never learned the importance of taking a long-term approach to investing, and certainly never learned how to use business as a great leverage tool to create financial freedom.


Why is it that some people fail in business and put huge stress on their personal finances while others create amazingly successful businesses and use this as a launching pad to achieve financial freedom?

Learning and understanding the value of cash flow, the value of knowing the good bad and ugly of business and the value of patience cannot be underestimated.

Running any business is hard. Having a successful business is even harder. But if you can be successful in your business there are some principles you can apply to take that success and apply it to your personal financial situation.

It starts with knowing your Financial Freedom Gap. What’s that, you ask?

Read on to find out!

There are different stages you will pass through on your journey:

Foundation, Forecast and Freedom.

Ultimately, you can use this to create your new financial future.

If you can apply these and use the full potential of your business to create a financial foundation for yourself and then leverage off that, you will be able to create financial freedom and live your ideal life.