Christopher Neil
Aug 14, 2014 · 4 min read

Just how many words does Arabic have for ‘camel’?

We’ve all heard the common tropes that Eskimos (Innuits) have a plethora of terms for ‘snow’, and that Arabs can describe camels in brilliant detail, but are these mere cultural stereotypes or something more?

Camel types based on drinking behaviour:

الغب —-A camel that drinks once every two days

Camels according to character/ physical disposition:

الغادر A male stallion camel that has completed the period of becoming ready to be bred, as demonstrated by his swelled belly

Camel names by color:

أدم (fem. أدماء) A completely white camel


حرذون- riding a camel without a saddle

Camels by number:

الذود-from 3–10 camels

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