Cold Hard Facts — Wisconsin’s First Frost and Snow Info

Mother Nature is changing things slowly for Wisconsin. Behind a strong area of low pressure that brought summer-like rainfall to the Badger State, colder air and gusty winds set up shop yesterday. The winds cranked up over 30 mph all day long, which drove in the coolest numbers of the season last night.

Lows this morning fell into the 30s away from Lake Michigan, 40s from Sheboygan to Kenosha including the Milwaukee metro. Frost Advisories were in play from Wausau down just north of Madison for the first time this fall. 20s and 30s were very common north of Hwy 21.

This is the time of year things begin to change weather-wise. The first frost sets in late September in the Northwoods, while southeastern Wisconsin typically sees the first frost in early to mid-October. Milwaukee’s first “frost” late year was November 12th when it dropped to 32. In October, the temperature did fall into the 30s EIGHT times in Milwaukee for lows. This year, we have yet to plunge that far with our coldest reading in the low 40s.

By the way, November 25th was the first trace of snow in southeastern Wisconsin. The first measurable snowfall was December 4th when Mitchell measured 1.8” of fresh powder.

A warmer weather pattern builds starting tomorrow through the weekend. Highs not only could be above normal the rest of the week, but a few 70s are possible.

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