Care about your health? Care about Montana. #MTAL

Demand accountability. Demand answers.

If you haven’t tuned out of the 48 hours of wall-to-wall coverage of today’s special election in Montana for a seat at the U.S. Congressional table by now you might still be thinking:

“Why should I care? I don’t know any Montanans. Wait, are they actually called ‘Montanans’?”


I’m assuming the extent of which most American (stereotypically) males in the coveted 18–49 demo think of “Montana” stems from this scene in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (courtesy: Fandango’s MOVIECLIPS)

However, one of the candidates for that seat just underscored why you should care after being charged with misdemeanor assault for reportedly body-slamming a journalist and breaking their glasses. (Sidenote: Oh how I wish I had been the first to dub this the “Slamma in Montana”.)

The incident occurred after Ben Jacobs of the Guardian asked Republican nominee Greg Gianforte for a response regarding the terribly scored review by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office the ACHA health care bill had just received after it was hastily passed by Republicans who didn’t read the bill earlier this month.

The CBO review confirmed that the ACHA will leave over 20 million without health insurance while skyrocketing premiums for those with pre-existing conditions.

So with that in mind, listen to the tape of the altercation.

You can ask questions about what happened prior to this bit of audio. You can buy into the statement made by Gianforte’s spokesperson, despite that it counters how Fox News back’s up the Guardian’s report. You can ignore that the leading newspapers in the heavily conservative-leaning state are pulling their endorsement of Gianforte (read the Billings Gazette and Missoulian). You can even try to theorize that this is just media — right and left leaning — simply sticking together.

But Gianforte says it all right there for you in the tape.

“I’m sick and tired of you guys,” he yells in response to the health care question.

“The last guy that came in here you did the same thing.” (sic)

So, regardless of your view, can we agree that he’s really revved up? Can we agree that it’s a strange look on the eve of an election he should be a shoe in to win? So, don’t you have to ask yourself:

If this bill was so good for me, how is a guy that hasn’t even been elected yet already so tired of talking about it?

Don’t let this lede get buried as the drama unfolds.

Even after today’s election — which, Gianforte will likely still win — turn a blind eye at your own peril. Even if some Republicans — who initially never read the bill they passed- are now realizing the magnitude of their actions.

Montana is the tip of the iceberg. If we do our jobs as citizens, Republicans will be running scared of their efforts to undermine your health and the tethers that bind them to the 45th POTUS through the midterms.

Don’t let them off the hook.

Here’s what you can do:

Demand accountability —

Demand answers. And support journalists that attempt to get those answers for you.

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