As I write this laying down in bed, I have my 9 month old daughter in my arms. She finally dosed off after relaxing with me for about 20 minutes. Although she is kind of hurting my arm, I feel that this moment is definitely worth it. I’m off work today, (not usually off on Wednesdays) which is cool. I get to spend time with her. Something that at times I happen to over look. I’m always so busy with work, putting in as many hours as possible, staying on top of bills, school work, and finding things to do with my family. With all of that already occupying the majority of my time, I noticed that I rarely have time for my self, and when I do it’s kind of difficult to distribute that free time amongst myself and my daughter. I mean, I really believe it shouldn’t be that way. I shouldn’t have to choose between relaxing with my daughter or catching up on a t.v show or classwork and etc. I really believe that there should definitely be a balance between all of that, but time and responsibilities say otherwise. A 24 hour day isn’t enough for me. At times I come home and I just want to hold my daughter and play with her, or just relax with her, but sometimes I either get home so late and exhausted that it’s just unrealistic. So, those days are days wasted for us, and the next immediate opportunity I get to spend time with my daughter, I do just that. Sometimes I sacrifice my sleep and force myself to stay awake at night in bed relaxing and playing with my baby. On days that I have time for myself I try to do things I enjoy doing, for example hopping on the computer to check out the latest news in sports, music, television, etc. I really like looking into new things to do with my family. That alone can consume a few hours on the computer. While on the PC I also enjoy catching up with my friends, playing some PC games, watching Netflix, checking out streams on twitch and using twitter. Since using Twitter it has easily become my main and pretty much only link to the world of social media. I do have instagram, but I have limited posts on there and it’s private. Other than that, I just use twitter.

Well my arm is starting to hurt more and she is starting to sweat on me so I am going to try to transfer her into her crib, hopefully that goes well.

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