The audience pins you down to topics they want to read

“You have to niche and then niche more”

The dumbest writing advice we hear from writing coaches is “don’t niche to hit the widest audience possible.”

Does Stephen King or Debbie Macomber write for everyone? No!

Stephen King writes for horror readers and Debbie Macomber writes for romance readers. …

Because it wasn’t reality

The global pandemic has had a major impact on everyone’s mental wellbeing.

At the start, I was a News Director for a news TV station and Editor of a digital news site. I had 3 TV Shows a day. A morning show, a midday show, and an evening talk show.

Last month my income equaled my January and February income combined. The last time I published on Medium was December 2019.

Recently, I’ve come back to Medium to both read and write.

In my opinion, Medium writers are the most talented writers. Most of the stories are high quality and…

For a long time, I have been a Labour Party supporter. I liked some things Magic Grandpa Corbyn said. He is a left-wing populist.

Who would not want all kinds of free stuff paid for by others?

Over the last six months, many issues have raised my concern about a…

My reflections on the first month under the new MPP system

The first month under the new Medium Partner Program (MPP) has come to a close. Personally, I saw nothing too worrisome. Others have experienced a sharp decrease in their earnings. It is time to dive into the data to figure out how to maximize our incomes.

Algorithm Changes

Tech companies constant change…

Taxes pay for the combined needs of a city, region, or country. If you like a paved road, taxes paid for the road. The same goes for schools, hospitals, military, airports, and more.

Depending on the country, less than 50% of people pay anything beyond sales taxes and any hidden…

Every writer makes mistakes. Sometimes it is using the wrong word or bad grammar. We have all sinned and fell short of the English writing gods.

But there is hope. Us writers can learn from each other by joining local writing groups, online groups, and making writer friends.

All writing…

Many Medium writers talk about their financial success. Some discuss it a week or month at a time. I found their insights into Medium’s payment program helpful for increasing my Medium income.

Several great writers discuss their income and explain how they did it. The first names that come to…

Wealth Inequality

Is wealth inequality reaching a crisis point? Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) both think so. They want to create a new annual wealth tax to fight wealth inequality.

On paper, that seems to be a reasonable policy. If someone created a large fortune, why not take…

I am approaching my 2-year anniversary on Medium. It has been a fun time watching my audience grow from a handful of followers to over 6500 today.

Slowly, I built my audience through publications. When you have only a few followers, it is hard to get more than a few…

Christopher OLDCORN

A writer curious about the world. Published over 300 stories in 50+ publications.

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