Chris In-Car Demo: Navigation, German and iOS

We drove around Berlin with Chris to show you how the device works in its natural environment. Here’s what happened.

The full video — check out the edited highlights below.

In our previous live streams we’ve showed you how Chris works and what the device can do. The applications we’ve showed you so far are text messaging, controlling music, using both voice and gesture, and making phone calls.

This time, we wanted to get more serious. You won’t be using Chris in your home or in a static car — you want to use Chris to do what it’s intended for, making driving easier.

So German Autolabs Co-founder Patrick and Head of Marketing Daniel drove through Berlin with a film crew, demonstrating some applications that you’ve asked us to show you.

We covered four main things:

Chris’s packaging and status

We wanted to let you know exactly where we’re at with Chris, and cover recent updates. We’ve also made significant progress with packaging, so Daniel also showed you the box and accessories.

Daniel gives an update on Chris and shows the new packaging

German language support

Previously we’ve shown Chris working in English. But the device now supports German, and we’ll be rolling out support for more languages after launch.

Here, Patrick demonstrates sending a message and making a phone call with Chris while driving.

Patrick uses Chris in the German language


One of Chris’s four primary applications is navigation. This is the first time we’ve shown you what navigation will look like, as Patrick uses Chris to navigate back to the office.

Patrick demonstrates navigation with Chris

iOS support

In the past few demonstrations, we’ve used an Android phone with Chris, but it’s obviously important that Chris works with iPhones too. Patrick hooks Chris up to an iPhone and demonstrates some basic features.

Chris with iOS


Thank you to everyone who sent us questions! Here, Patrick answers them for you. If you have any further questions that we haven’t yet answered, please get in touch on Facebook.

Your questions, answered

When will Chris be shipped?

For Kickstarter backers, we’ll ship Chris in August, before IFA Berlin 2018.

Pre-orders will be shipped slightly later, in September

Does Chris work with polarized glasses?

We’ve tested this — it’s no problem unless you spin your head 90-degrees. We’ll be posting a video demonstrating this shortly.

Are there plans for dash-cam integration or for Chris to read street signs?

There are currently no plans for dash-cam integration. Chris will, at some point, support traffic sign alerts, such as speed limit and pedestrian crossing notifications.

Will the Chris display have a day/night mode for navigation?

No. Chris has a dark background with a light foreground, which works perfectly for both day and night conditions.

How does the Chris display look?

The background is back and the foreground content is very bright. We designed Chris to be readable and glanceable in many different light conditions.

Chris: the next steps

We’ll be launching Chris at IFA Berlin 2018. We’d love for you to come by our booth to see Chris for yourself. IFA takes place between31st August-5th September, and you can find us in Hall 26 at Booth 216.

If you haven’t done so already, you can pre-order Chris here.

Do you have any further questions? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or leave us a comment on this blog.

Sam Diamond is responsible for Social and Story at German Autolabs.

He likes football, reading and running, and is passionate about making driving smarter.

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