Chris: The Basics

Here’s how to get the most out of Chris

Chris is a smart voice assistant made specifically for use in the car. Because Chris is smart and the gesture controls are intuitive, you should be able to talk to Chris and use it to do what you want. The device uses Natural Language Processing, so you can talk to it just like a human.

But there are a few easy commands and gestures that you can use to get started, and that Chris recognises particularly well. These are for the most important applications for Chris: making a call, changing or playing your music, reading out your messages, starting navigation. Here are the voice commands that Chris knows best, along with the gesture controls.

Hey Chris: using the wake word

The first thing you need to do any time you want to give Chris a command is wake it up. You can do this in two ways: either say ‘Hey Chris’ or place your hand in front of the device. You’ll see the microphone graphic glow orange — that means Chris is ready to take your command.

A flick of the wrist: using gestures

For quick commands, such as skipping a song or cancelling a call, you can use hand gestures.

Here are the gestures that work with Chris:

The ‘stop’ gesture; The ‘swipe’ gesture; The ‘louder/quieter’ gesture


Voice command:
‘Hey Chris, navigate to [your predefined destinations, such as ‘work’ or ‘home’]

We recommend that you store your favorite locations in the Chris app. This means that you can tell Chris to take you to ‘home’ or to ‘work’ rather than giving a longer address. Check out this short video showing you how here.


Voice commands:
‘Hey Chris, play music’
‘Hey Chris, play [artist]’
‘Hey Chris, next song’
‘Hey Chris, previous song’
‘Hey Chris, pause music’
‘Hey Chris, softer’
‘Hey Chris, louder’

Use the ‘stop’ gesture to pause/play music.
Use the ‘swipe’ gesture to skip/repeat/go back a song.
Use the ‘louder/quieter’ gesture to adjust the volume.

This gesture skips a song.

Currently, Chris only supports playing music files stored locally on your device. We are working on integrating external services, like Google Music and Apple Music.

Phone calls

Voice command:

‘Hey Chris, call [contact name].’


Use the ‘swipe’ gesture to answer a call. Use the ‘stop’ gesture to cancel.


Chris recognizes the names of the contacts in your address book, so make sure you use these when issuing your voice command.


Voice commands:

‘Hey Chris, send a message to [contact]’
‘Hey Chris, read me my messages’
‘Hey Chris, send a message to [contact] on his/her [work/home/iPhone] number’


You can use gestures to respond to Chris’s speech prompts instead of responding with voice commands. For example, you can cancel a message by using the ‘swipe’ gesture.

Use these basic commands and gestures to control Chris’s main applications. Of course, we encourage you to experiment and talk to your Chris like you would a real, live human being — these are just commands to get you started as quickly and easily as possible.