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#1 Dariusz, our own Burger King

by Svenja Borgschulte, Story & Social

The Chris Team consists of 20 members in total (and still growing) plus a dozen freelancers make up our talented and fun-loving team in the heart of Berlin. We are a colorful mixture of personalities from all parts of the world with different skills, interests and fields of activity. We’re all crucial members of the German Autolabs family and part of Chris, the digital co-driver of the future. Since the ❤️ and soul of a company is its employees, let us introduce ourselves. Today: Dariusz, our 🍔🤴🏻.

Name: Dariusz
Nickname: Small D
Age: 29
Department: Development (Software)
Profession: Lead Software Engineer 
 (“coordinator for tech-things”)
Childhood dream: stay at home and play games

What drew you to the company?

A colleague at my previous job is by chance one of the co-founders of German Autolabs. One day he stepped into my office and asked me if I wanted to support him. Get out of the safe and appealing job, and jump headfirst into a startup — I hardly had time to get used to it. For a long time I couldn’t make myself jump ship. But the challenge of Chris finally lured me, and so I dared to jump into GAL full time. #happy

What is your job and part in the company?

I am Head of Software Development or call it simply: the CodeMonkey. You can compare it a bit to a sheepdog which orbits its sheep. But no worries: I never bark, but instead do all the little things that the rest of the team doesn’t have time for.

Beside of that I am the specialist in cooking burgers and tiramisu. A personal passion my colleagues benefit from during lunch breaks.

What is interesting on your field of work?

There are people who just complain when something doesn’t work. Or they tacitly accept that some features are not available on a product. For me, on the other hand, I start by thinking about how I can develope those missing functions. And this way of thinking is exactly what I need in my job and what makes it so interesting. In fact, I’m already thinking about how I can change Chris for use in the kitchen. It is the feeling that you can do technically everything you want, which makes my area of work so diverse and exciting.

What do you think makes GAL a great place to work?

First of all: I ❤️ the people here. And besides that I like the idea behind the product even though I don’t have a car or even a driver license!! (I prefer to be in the passenger seat myself).

What have been some of your challenges, and how have you overcome them?

We are developing something completely new and authentic and not a copy of a copy. So this means there is no template to follow. This is, of course, great and motivating, but you also end up hitting dead ends during the development process sometimes. At this point, the software team and I need to think deeply about an alternative path. Because after all, the simplest solution is not always the best.

How does an ordinary working day looks like in your life?

Usually I am one of the first in the office. The official start is at 9.30am for everyone when we have our daily standup, to kick off the day. They all take the time very seriously and arrive just in time, which is why it is still very quiet at the office at 8am. The advantage is, that I can concentrate better and plan next project steps if no one is here. On Wednesdays developers work at home. Nevertheless I start that early, but in pajamas :-) .

What are you most excited about your future at GAL?

First of all I am looking forward to Chris being in people’s cars across the world. If you work on a project for so long, you are looking forward to the results and the reactions of the people. I am curious about their reaction. What will they say? Will Chris become an industry game changer? Will Chris replace Siri in the car? Or replace other car systems? I’m also looking forward to what’s coming next. We have a lot of ideas waiting for implementation.

Any advices for cool places in Berlin for after work?

Babel, a Lebanese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg. The food is fantastic and although the “Prenzlberg” is known as the district of eco-hipsters and single mums, the area is really beautiful here. Apart from that, as an incomer, I can give you this advice: Explore the city away from the sights and places of interest. Just turn into an inconspicuous street and get lost. It’s worth it!

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Svenja Borgschulte (“Rosalie”) is responsible for Story & Social at German Autolabs. She loves flamingos, football and pasta.

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