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#4 Galina — our Android Developer

by Sam Diamond, Story & Social

20 full-timers plus a dozen freelancers make up our talented and fun-loving team in the heart of Berlin. We are a colorful mixture of personalities from all parts of the world with different skills, interests and fields of expertise. We’re all crucial members of the German Autolabs family and part of Chris, the digital co-driver of the future. Since the ❤️ and soul of a company is its employees, let us introduce ourselves. Today: Galina, our Android Developer.

Name: Galina Litkin

Age: 32

Department: Software Development

Position: Android Developer

What drew you to the company?

I came to Berlin to do my Masters degree and was sure that would go back after 2 years, but, as you know, Berlin is hard not to fall in love with. So I started to look for a good reason to stay.

The position at German Autolabs looked like a perfect match for me. I love new things and strongly believe that small companies and startups are the best place for a developer. There is plenty of work, but there is always a place for creativity.

What is your job and role in the company?

Android developer. I joined the team 3 month ago and I feel like there is barely a piece of this project I haven’t touched. When you work in a small team you get to do everything. I really love it.

What do you find interesting about your field of work?

It’s hard to explain because I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. And developing for Android means you have to be up to date, learn new things, develop yourself. Things change so fast, so maybe its the dynamic nature of my job that’s what I like the most.

What do you think makes German Autolabs a great place to work?

I have some experience working for startups and I think that what is so special about German Autolabs is that, in addition to an amazing idea and talented tech team, there is a very well thought out plan for us and the product. I think that’s as important as the technical aspect.

What have been some the challenges of working at German Autolabs, and how have you overcome them?

The past couple of years have been a huge challenge for me: starting from moving to Berlin, studies, work in a research institution, starting my work at German Autolabs, learning new technologies and languages. So my way to overcome that stuff is just stay calm, and even if not everything works as expected, to try to enjoy the process.

What does an ordinary working day look like for you?

There are no ordinary days here :)

What do you like about living and working in Berlin?

As I mentioned, I fell in love with Berlin. It has so much to offer: music, food and many new people from all over the world.

Any recommendations for restaurants or things to do?

Berlin is known for its clubbing scene but not many people know that the jazz scene is no less amazing. There are plenty of great places where you can go almost every day for a jam session, not to mention that the best musicians never skip Berlin on their tours.

At one point I had to limit myself in the number of concerts I was going to each month…

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Sam Diamond is responsible for Social and Story at German Autolabs.

He likes football, reading and running, and is passionate about making driving smarter.


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