Kids brands using iMessage stickers

With the release of iOS 10 comes new apps and stickers for iMessage. As someone creating apps for kids, I wanted to see what other kids and family brands are doing with this newly released platform.

Of course very young children don’t really have their own smartphone, some older ones do. Much of the time this is about creating brand awareness and loyalty from parents. Many brands span all ages. The big brands are there, surely a lot more to come. The question is are you more Star Wars or Mickey Mouse? Right now everyone is testing the store, do they get downloads, how much will people pay, do their stickers get used?

It’s hard to write about stickers, as there are only so many things you can do with them, so they are all very similar. Having downloaded a number of packs, the theme seems to be make them as cute as you can and if possible include cats. Some feel like clipart done quickly, others are more considered to the format and their possible uses.

Below is a running list that I will update over time. Prices correct on publishing…

Indie developer YATATOY has created this sticker pack based on their popular apps. With dancing animals taken from LOOPIMAL and various face parts (animal ears, noses, horns) that you can add to photos. $0.99 a must for any fan (link)


Sago Mini
Sago Mini create apps for younger children and toddlers. With their sticker pack they’ve really thought about how parents might use them. Parenting is hard, stuff hits the fan. So the stickers here can relate to every day moments when caring for a little one. I think they need to add a glass of wine though :) (FREE)

(Sago Mini)

Toca Life Paper Bag Cat
The first sticker pack from Toca Boca also fits the cute cat theme. This pack is all about how you are feeling, each with a well made animated loop of a cat in a paper bag from the Toca Life series of apps. The pack also includes a few hats and sunglasses that you can add to photos. (FREE) Watch the video trailer.

(Toca Life Paper Bag Cat)

The Robot Factory

This sticker pack from Tinybop comes bundled as part of their Robot Factory App. Just like in the app, this sticker pack lets you create robots in your messages by combining parts, or adding body parts to your photos.

(The Robot Factory stickers by Tinybop)

Some games stickers

Super Mario Run (FREE), Om Nom from Cut the Rope (FREE) & Angry Birds (FREE)


Mickey and Friends, Frozen and Finding Dory (all $1.99)

More incoming…