I’m currently sat at home in my central London flat, just twenty minutes walk from my office and with a beautiful view over the city. For this privilege, me and my housemates pay just shy of £2500 a month for 65sqm of space.

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What a wonderful view. Expensive, but wonderful.

Like many, I’m currently on furlough from my job as a web designer and expecting to work remotely once I return. …

Designing a website is a long process that rarely begins with design. Planning and research are essential for crafting a site that fulfils and exceeds the requirements of the client and users. Good designs are inspired and validated by understanding current web trends, technologies, and best practices.

Before any design begins, the website should be fully planned and specced. …

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UX design is the practice of creating interfaces tailored towards users’ expectations and flaws. Understanding how a user an interface allows designers to construct a more pleasurable and efficient experience. However, design is not the only way to improve a product’s UX.

Each piece of text on a product can be studied and fine-tuned to enhance the design and positively impact the user-experience. This is known as UX writing.

Why write for the user?

Apart from making the user enjoy using your product, well chosen text can have a positive effect on engagement and sales. Take, for example, when Google changed their hotel search text from ‘Book a Room’ to ‘Check availability’. …


Chris Paton

Designer at Forge.uk

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