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Elizabeth Warren is a bankruptcy expert and has fought for years for a strong bankruptcy system that makes sure retirees, employees, victims, and others can demand payment from insolvent companies and get a fair shake. In the LTV steel case, there was never any question that coal miners and their surviving spouses would receive their full benefits under the Coal Act. This case involved bankruptcy principles and who would pay what into the fund.

Warren’s role in this was fairly small and she received $10,000 for writing a petition to SCOTUS, which amounted to 25 hours of billable work at the market rate.

So yes, Mr. Berndtson, you are correct, Elizabeth Warren did 25 hours of work on the LTV Steel bankruptcy case in 1992, and she was doing exactly what is ethically required of every attorney, she was vigorously defending her client. That is how our justice system is supposed to work and it is what makes it fair, a vigorous prosecution and a vigorous defense.