Some weeks ago, the former boxer and TV-show host Paolo Roberto published a post on his Twitter account. The post said: “Tits is a proof that men actually can focus on two things at the same time”. The joke recieved heavy criticism from among others the leader of the swedish Feminist party (Feministiskt Initiativ), Gudrun Schyman.

Abdirahman Mohammed Ahmed, up until recently secretary in the party’s youth organisation, Young Feminists (Unga Feminister), wrote in an article at SVT Opinion “Sweden is experiencing an increase in honor related violence while simultaneously more and more women express that they are afraid to be outside after dark. Instead of focusing on these actual issues, media and prominent cultural opinionmakers choose to be outraged over a tits joke.”

According to Hedda Tingskog, convenor of the board of Young Feminists (Unga Feminister), the board could not accept Ahmeds standpoint. He was contacted and given the option to either refrain from posting the article or resign. Ahmed choose to resign rather than back down from his standpoint.


This is by no means anything unique, this is what Feminism means today. During the last few years, the Feminist movement has mutated into a pop-culture industry pushing a pre-designed narrative that actively supresses gender equality issues that does not fit that narrative. In most cases, representatives of this feminist movement manage to hide it’s inconsistencies behind a vail of rhetorical tricks and “plausable deniability”. Not this time though; this little event precisely summarize the character of the pop-cultural Feminist movement of today.

Feminism in it’s current form is way past it’s expiration date. Now it’s just stinking up the fridge.