Trump Timeline: A webapp dedicated to tracking POTUS

So, I write software, and sometimes I do these runs, weeks working from home stopping a few times a day to move kids about, cook, shop and just take a moment outside to think. I was on January 20th, 2017 I found myself deep in this cycle, sitting in my home office looking into a terminal window thinking, “ I need to pay attention”. I have, for years, used the TV news as a way for me to keep up, at least in broad strokes, with the American political theater. I keeps me company as my wife and I work opposite schedules, and I end up with limited contact from adult humans.

The first ten days pass, I reach a stopping point on the application I am building, waiting for the biz dev team to take the ball. So my brain is in high gear, and I have nothing to do, and when my math mind has been activated, I can’t just drink or do drugs and shut if off, it’s on, and I have to channel.

I’m sitting there thinking, and in the background, on CNN a talking head says “I am finding it hard to keep it all straight, and its just two weeks in…”

//insert chime like doorbell.

You see my whole life is about determining problems and posing solutions for them, in fact, most of my adult life has been one word problems after another, and paying my rent taking the jobs that answer questions though data, and the visualization of that data. Sorry mom about that run-on sentence.

//I could help with that…

A whole lot of my life is helping, but mostly it to answer business question, and as of late I am really searching of a way to help beyond dollars and cents. So like a chime, it was revealed what I could spend my down time on, a tool to sort through the actions and statements of the 45th President of These United States.

There could not be that much stuff, right? Three weeks in, if I start now I may be able to catch up, and keep pace. I need a timeline. In a well manufactured timeline you could see the events that brought us to this present moment.

// Python, js, css, html — → got the tweets

// Oh Lord, this youtube cant be done automatically-

//lets get the signing orders

//so on

Fast forward to today, Sunday morning, February 19, 2017. 90% there. Site is live, data is paginated, searchable, and it is well received, by at least my freaky friends. Maybe you can dig it too.

Ps. Adding a New Reader section today, might be live within the week.