Chris Perri Challenges Roger Williams in District 25 of Texas

When I reflect on why I launched my campaign for Congress back on May 1st, I recall one motivation: making Texans’ lives better. Meeting the wonderful people of District 21 and hearing their stories has solidified that it was one of the best decisions of my life (other than asking Shannon to marry me back in 2012).

Last Thursday, when District 25 Representative Roger Williams voted to deny federal aid to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, whose homes and lives were devastated by Hurricane Maria, I felt enraged. Heck, even Lamar Smith voted for Puerto Rican aid.

This moment was a wake-up call.

We can’t let Williams get away with this — an attack on one is an attack on all. District 25 needs a bold, progressive candidate in the race. Our central Texas community deserves it, which is why, after talking at length with my family, I’ve decided that the best decision for the people of Texas is to challenge Roger Williams in 2018.

It’s been a very difficult choice because I love the people of District 21. Their support and energy have deeply moved me. But what makes the decision easier is knowing they’re in good hands. I have no doubt that the strong field of Democratic candidates in District 21 is taking Lamar Smith to task for his corruption and heartless “representation.” And though I’m confident that I would defeat Smith, there are other voices in that race who can also prevail.

I don’t feel the same about District 25. For true change to sweep across Texas, we must put District 25 in play for the 2018 elections. The reality of gerrymandering in Austin is that Districts 21 and 25 are intertwined. The districts share a community, and both deserve a strong, progressive fighter on their side — this will help us all. While it’s not easy to alter course after forging meaningful bonds with the people of District 21, at this critical time for our nation, we must make sacrifices to save our democracy by unseating as many corrupt politicians as possible. We’re answering that call in District 25.

Friday Night in Texas: Chris and Shannon enjoy a Burnet Bulldogs football game.

I’ve been asked many times why I’m seeking the opportunity to serve in Congress. The answer is this: I believe our nation is standing at a fork in the road. Down one path is darkness, where we are a divided country; we worry about a future where our healthcare is in jeopardy; economic inequality widens; our leaders don’t listen and serve only the interests of Big Money; and our children won’t have a chance for a better life. But the other path is one where I visualize a brighter future, a Shining City on a Hill that overlooks a community that has come together. A community where our leaders listen and are dedicated to providing everyone the opportunity to achieve a healthy and prosperous life. A Just Society.

If we work together, we can steer this great nation in the direction of hope, inclusivity, security, and opportunity. These are the core values I’m committed to, and make no mistake, they’re under attack. I have said often in this campaign that we have a “Rendezvous with Destiny,” and it is this destiny that calls me to defend our true American values in District 25.

Roger Williams is a multi-millionaire auto dealer who was recently under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics for abusing his House seat to benefit his business. He voted for TrumpCare, which would have deprived an additional 24 million Americans of health coverage. And he was complicit in Congress’ recent failure to fund CHIP, which puts the health care of over 400,000 Texas children in jeopardy. In sum, Williams only cares about the corporations and special interests that fund his campaign, which is why his tax plan cuts taxes for the wealthiest 1% while soaking the middle class. Williams is every bit as dangerous to our democracy as Lamar Smith.

I have deep connections in District 25. My wife, Shannon, and I both attended the University of Texas, whose campus is in the district. Shannon grew up in Westlake and Burnet, and my mother-in-law, Betsi, now resides in Wimberley. As a young boy, I even spent summers on Inks Lake at Camp Longhorn. Moreover, my close friend and mentor, Joe Turner, lives in Dripping Springs. In fact, I’ve lived in District 25 during parts of my 13 years in Austin, and it’s only half a mile away from my house in South Austin (my jogging route takes me through it). Many more of my friends and family live in District 25, and my recent conversations with them have solidified our decision to challenge Roger Williams.

I’ve made countless friends during my campaign in District 21, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far. The fact is that replacing both Smith and Williams will make us a stronger Texas and a stronger America than defeating Smith alone. Bringing our campaign’s fighting spirit, uniting message, and progressive values to the District 25 race is the best way to ensure that our Congress stands up to all who threaten our Constitution.

Please help spread the word about my candidacy to your friends and family. In case you’re wondering which Congressional District you live in, click here and type in your address.

Together, we can do this.

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