Malvern Town FC: ending my solo-directorship and starting a new chapter in the club’s history.

4-years as MTFC Chairman

It’s approaching four years since I took over at Malvern Town FC, originally as a duo with Ted Grizzell, but for most of that time as sole director and shareholder. Looking back at newspaper articles from 2013, I said the takeover plan was to rescue the “debt-stricken club being forced to lose it’s ground”, to “turn the club around… spruce up the clubhouse” and make MTFC “a more attractive proposition for players and sponsors”.

Under my tenure, I’m proud to say the club’s burdensome debt to HMRC has been settled and MTFC now operates in a financially viable manner. Our stadium was saved and secured from the reach of developers, successfully registered as an ‘asset of community value’. The entire ground has benefited from significant refurbishment and investment, including the clubhouse, changing rooms and playing pitch surface. Pride has been restored in MTFC and the club is demonstrably at the heart of the local community, hosting many charity groups and events for all sorts of people, young and old.

The before and after photos are so incredibly different…

MTFC before and after 1
MTFC before and after 2

We’ve won trophies, beaten league champions, hosted a 2000 crowd for Hereford FC’s inaugural fixture and been a top contender in our division every season. Player-wise we’ve had some great success stories of Malvern talent progressing up the levels to higher clubs. We now enjoy great coverage in the local news and are seeing many more supporters on match days, recording the highest attendances in our league. The club is primed to go up to the next level.

Some amazing MTFC highs

And with the club in a considerably different position to 2013, both on the pitch and off it, I’m content to have made good on my promises made before the takeover. So with this in mind, I have come to the decision that now is the right time to end my period of solo-directorship and start a new chapter in club’s history. I am looking to divide my shareholding to another individual or group to create a board of directors, and I am actively seeking co-chairmen to help take Malvern to the next level.

Why? Simply because my young family and growing business commitments are rightfully demanding more of my time (increasingly on weekends) and I’m not too proud to admit that I need help with the frontline aspects of football chairmanship. Should the right person(s) come forward, I am happy to work alongside them, or indeed step into the background. The 2017/18 season will be my last as sole chairman.

This is not me saying goodbye, far from it. As a director and major shareholder, I not only have a responsibility to, but I actually really want to continue working hard for MTFC. But by focusing my time more on off-field matters, such as the commercial side and advancing the ambitious new stadium project. Not necessarily being in attendance for every home and away game.

So, if you are interested in coming on board at a director level for your local non-league football club, and feel like you can positively contribute to MTFC’s endeavour for continued progression and achievement - please contact me directly via

Thank you.