Using Firefox Element Inspector To Give Yourself Strava Kudos

You toiled mightily today in the heat and sun of your final soccer match with the company.

But in the eyes of your Strava peers, the effort was worthless.

Zero thumbs up. Truly an exercise of futility.

If we could only pat ourselves on the back.

Strava won’t allow it. All manner of clicking your own Kudos button yields the same result:


But with Firefox, we can overcome this tragedy of non-recognition.

Inspect the attributes of the Kudos indicator for your activity as it appears in the Activity Feed.

Strava will likely change this, but today, kudos self-aggrandizement is governed by the UI.

Take note of the name/value pair for the data-entry attribute of button class btn-kudo. Blah blah blah the line above shaded in grey. Copy the number after “Activity”.

Now paste that number into the same element of the Kudos indicator of someone directly below you in the Activity Feed using the Element Inspector.

Go back to the Activity Feed, and press your own Kudos button.

Before you can care about others, you need to learn to care about yourself.

Element Inspector is super useful, and yet has such stomach turning possibilities. Use it for good, and not for evil.


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