Popppins….. A new fun way to gift

Popppins was created to solve my problem of gifting to for friends and family. Let’s take this scenario for example, my god daughters birthday — A month out I remember “oh my god daughters birthday is coming up, I need to get her something.” A week passes, and every two or three days, I remember and think, Yes, I am going to store or will look online for something, than something comes up, and another week passes. Than, her birthday is today, I the bad god father did not send a gift on time because I procrastinated the hole month, and now I’m stuck feeling like poo because my god daughter hates me now…(not really she’s awesome which makes it worse!)

So what does a 30 something year old do in the times of good paying jobs, everyone is an entrepreneur, and outsourcing is an easy as counting to0 three? That’s right, create a technology company to help solve my problems with gifting. I hate complainers, and people who make excuses, so I took action to solve my problem and hopefully Popppins will help out a few of you gals/guys too.

What is Popppins? It is a mobile application in development, that will sync with your facebook contacts or create your own, send you notifications when a special event or birthday (mother’s day, father’s day, christmas, birthdays, ect….), you have the option to create a gift request, and a personnel shopper (popppins peeps) will select the gift request and send you gifting ideas or we will handle the process. (a quick example — setting up gifts for teenagers that just want gift cards to Amazon) This will automatically be sent to them, and they will receive it “On Time!” that’s really the best part. :) Tracking and shipping is handled by us, and you will receive as many or limited notifications of the gift tracking. A cool feature of Popppins is the ability to view previously bought gifts, which is amazing. So, this is the best part of this App, once the gift is delivered to that special person, they can go to the app and post a “Thank You” to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat or just send a DM (direct message) to you thanking you for the gift. There are so many wins with this app, ease of gifting, receive a thank you, and the most important one of all, not forgetting that loved one’s special event!! This will save you so much time, I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this app. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Until next time my friends, take care.