The waiting game…..The life of an entrepreneur

Coming up with an idea is only half the battle, wait forget that… it’s a small, matter of fact extremely small part to becoming the o so greatly deemed Entrepreneur that has been idealized in our generation. A little about me before continuing my rant, I am 31 years old, and have wanted to start company’s since I was 10 years old. That is 21 years of thinking about what will be the next million dollar idea, what kind of car I am going to drive (Austin Martin of course ;), or what kind of house I am going to have. Let’s get down to the truth about the dream or the great american dream, it’s fucking work….. I mean a lot of freaking work, non-stop work, let’s take my life for example. I have a 9 to 5, but this is the real world and no one works for a fortune 500 company that works 9 to 5. So, my day starts at 0500 hundred hours, out of the house by 5:45am (snapchat: chrispopppins to show you guys proof), drive 55 miles to work. In the day job by 6:45am, out of the office at 4pm, another 40 miles to my second job were I am the CEO of an Escape room in St. Augustine florida with currently one room master. Yes, you have guessed it, I am the accountant, the janitor, the room master, customer service, marketer, IT, and backend administrator pretty much everything and anything that needs to be done well that’s me. Back to my timeline, at the escape room by 5pm work until 10pm and back to my house…. Well beach house, not to rub it in but if you can live somewhere you love than do it… My house or domain is like superman’s fortress of solitude, it is a breath of fresh air when I get to enjoy it. Sleep finally… Oh not to mention in between the normally daily activities, the gym is at lunch (Health is extremely important) and during the downtime I have started another company. Popppins… Hopefully more to come on that later… Until than for all you future entrepreneurs this life is not for the weak or non-workers. That’s why the cliche is follow your passion, because hint hint you are working on your passion 16 hours a day! Please remember nothing happens overnight; this is life and it takes a long time (lesson I have learned) to get things done. The designer, the audience you have to build, (extremely important part if you want people to know about your product), and not to mention patience or the waiting game. Will the market like you or not??? Only time will tell!