Will I Get Better or Will I Get Worse?

Every day is a chance for a new start. Every moment is an opportunity to embrace a challenge. Every time you are faced with a difficult move, you have the chance to grow.

Most moves in life are a choices that will lead to an outcome.

The easiest way to answer these challenges is with this simple question: If I do this, will I get better or will I get worse?

Using this question to answer all of life’s challenges is actually pretty smart.

Should I eat this cookie? If so, will I get better or will I get worse? If I have ten more, will I get better or will I get worse?

This question can lead to advances in friendships, relationships, marriages, diets, jobs, career decisions, or moves to other cities or other houses.

It is a great question to ask when you are reading something, learning something new, trying to figure something out, or letting something consume your time.

It is important to ask of players that you coach or students that you teach. It is important ask of your business leaders or employees. It is important to ask when faced with tough business decisions.will this make us better or make us worse?

Are you trying to inspire with your words or is what you are writing making fun of someone and hurtful? Are you making society better or worse?

You can even apply it to others when they are challenged with something. Is what you are doing going to make you better or worse?

Self-improvement is a path that most people seek information about. They want to find something big and deep to follow or to change their lives.

In most cases, every challenge, big or small can be figured out by just answering this little question: will this make me better or will this make me worse?