I recently re-read, Sleeping in Flame, by Jonathan Carroll because 3 years ago it whispered “see Vienna” into my ear. And I imagined a city you could walk forever. Having just returned, Vienna is fresh on my mind. As is this book.

Vienna is a walker’s city. It’s romantic. Every block a new cafe to perch oneself. Offering reading material a plenty, the cafe’s I visited were chock full of people who prefer to snack or nibble at weird times. Grazers. People who like coffee. People who like to read. Romantics. People who’d enjoy this book. And a piece of cake, too. Vienna is a land of princesses and castles. Fancy reasons to dress up. The city is a feast for the eyes, the ears, the intellect.

Part dark fairy-tale, part late 90s/early 00’s time capsule, all love story — Sleeping in Flames is the fantasy read you’ve been looking for if you’ve read this far already. Upon the second reading, I realize it is part of a trilogy. Which both excites and worries me. Stay tuned.

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