I’ve recently started DM’ing on a Discord Play by Post server. I’ve also always been a DM that loved to work with props, battle maps, handouts, miniatures, etc … I put ridiculous amounts of work into preparing and finetuning encounters (it’s like leisure, relaxation for me) and would also like to bring that to my online games. So I went looking for options.

First I went looking for existing tools but none of them really pleased me. …

RFC voting has begun for Short Closure syntax in PHP meaning that if it passes we’ll end up with another weird and in my humble opinion far from optimal syntax introduced in PHP.

The RFC introduces a language change so it means it needs a 2/3 vote majority in order to pass. At the moment of writing we are at 12 “yes” and 6 “no” votes which means it’ll pass and gets introduced in PHP 7.1

And that is a bad thing. Why? Let me explain.

Short Closure Syntax (aka Lambda Expressions) is a feature that’s present in multiple other…

Chris Ramakers

Engineering Manager at DataCamp, Father, Fantasy Roleplaying geek and Metalhead

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