Eric Schulz

You know I actually feel bad for you Eric. My guess is you don’t even get that you are brainwashed and don’t even understand how to reason or think for yourself at this point. We really just have so many talking point sheep out here spouting nonsense with out any proof. The funny part is you don’t even realize that trump is bad enough you have not the need to make half the crap you do up and that by doing so it delegitimizes his true character flaws. Also how about trying to have some empathy for your American kin. Be an American and have some sense and respect your leader even if he may be somebody you do not like he is one of us, I didn’t agree with obama much but I respect him because he is an American and was our leader. You know how it looks from afar when we disrespect our own leader the way we do. Grow up and think for yourself.