Published: May 23, 2020 by C.S. Rhymes

He checked his watch again, it was now 5 to 8. Five more minutes before he had to start work. He sat in his comfortable sofa chair checking his social media feed reading over the same posts he had read five minutes earlier, nothing new since then.

These days his feed was taken over by a single subject. A few months ago it was all about people going about their normal lives, photos of lunches at posh restaurants, the latest health food deli bar that had opened in town, pictures of friends infront…

Published: May 8, 2020 by C.S. Rhymes

I created Bulma Clean Theme as a theme for my own website and decided to open source it so others could use it as well. One of the key things I wanted to do was to create a theme that worked with GitHub Pages, which also means that you can also use it as a docs site for your project.

GitHub Pages Configuration

GitHub pages allows you to create a website for your project with free hosting. Go to your repo on GitHub, then click Settings, then scroll down to the GitHub Pages section. You have…

Published: Feb 29, 2020 by C.S. Rhymes

I’ve always estimated development issues in hours or days but I recently created a new project in Jira and it only allowed me to use story points for estimates. I have always stayed away from story points as I have struggled to understand what they mean and why I should use them. But as the project only allowed me to use story points I thought I had better make a proper effort to learn what they mean.

This article is based upon my initial understanding and reading of other articles that I have…

Published: Feb 19, 2020 by C.S. Rhymes

Sometimes life as a developer gets you down. No matter how hard you work it seems like there is a never ending list of new bugs and change requests that keep coming in from your users. It’s easy to get fed up and start losing motivation, every day seems the same and time starts to drag. So how can you keep your motivation levels up?

Challenge yourself

Sometimes you can look at a bug report and think to yourself, “this is an easy quick fix that will only take ten minutes…”. But why not take…

Published: Nov 5, 2019 by C.S. Rhymes

Last week I decided to buy a jigsaw puzzle and as I was building it, I had a thought that puzzles share a lot of the aspects of development. After all, a jigsaw puzzle does require a lot of problem solving skills.

Finding the edges

When beginning a puzzle you often start by finding all the edge pieces first. In development this is a lot like defining the scope of your project. The scope, like the edges of the puzzle, is the container that all your work will sit within.

You need to define your scope…

Published: Jul 18, 2019 by C.S. Rhymes

He sat in his seat, trying to stretch his legs in what little room he had with seats squeezed in both each side and in front. He had dozed off just after take off, trying to relax after the hustle and bustle of the airport. He never understood airports. Everyone rushing to get to the front of the queue to board the plane, even though everyone had pre-booked seats months in advance, people lugging their suitcases through the airport instead of checking them in to the hold.

All that fuss was over with…

Published: Mar 15, 2019 by C.S. Rhymes

How long will something take to do? Who knows? Sometimes you just need to make just a tiny little quick change, but it doesn’t work out quite as expected and you have to go back and keep making small change after small change, then before you know it, it’s lunch time.

On the other hand, something that seems ridiculously complicated at the start can turn into a joy to work on and be done in a matter of minutes.

So how do you manage expectations for your customers when they ask you how…

Published: Mar 8, 2019 by C.S. Rhymes

It seems it’s impossible to make a website these days without using some kind of package manager, whether its npm for your frontend dependencies or something like composer for your php dependencies. If you need to do something a bit tricky then, chances are, someone else had the same problem and created a package to solve that problem so you can just add it to your dependencies, install it and away you go. But does this mean web development is just copying and pasting other people’s work into your website?

Some people don’t…

The old man looked at his clock on the wall. It was time to get going. He stood up slowly from his comfortable chair, taking his time as he always did, before walking over to his front porch and grabbing his coat and putting it on. He did up his coat and took out his hat and gloves from the pockets before putting them on too.

It was a cold clear night outside, perfect for a fireworks display, but he wanted to ensure he would stay warm. He stepped out of his house and started walking towards the playing fields…

The tape was on the side next to the scissors. The tape was running low but there was still so much to do.

Torn off bits of news paper and bubble wrap littered the floor, the evidence of their previous actions clear for all to see. Valuables, both in terms of value and shared memories, had been carefully wrapped up and covered in tape before being slotted into the space in the boxes, ready for their new start.

It was hard to move around the boxes, filling the living space, taking more room now than when their contents were held…

C.S. Rhymes

Web developer (Laravel PHP & Vue.js JavaScript, Jekyll themes), part time author. Bit of a geek. Footy & F1 fan.

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