How To Tell If You’re A Racist. A Test.
Elizabeth Grattan

I’ve used the term “race card”. In high school, I was a “punk”, and so were my friends. People hassled us constantly. They’d literally jump out of cars or spill out of pinball arcades to beat us up if they saw one of us alone, or if there were a couple of us and 10 of them. One group of guys who hassled us were black, and there was an incident in the smoking pit at our high school where they were standing around us throwing rocks and garbage at us. We ignored it for a while, but eventually one of my friends picked up an apple core that was thrown at him, threw it back and said, “you dropped something”. That set off a brawl, and we all ended up getting hauled up to the principal’s office. They asked who started it and why, and one of them said we did because we called them “the ‘n’ word’. So rather than admit they were jerks starting with us because they didn’t like our clothes or our haircuts or whatever, they made out that we were racists. They played the race card.