Day 2 — Valentine’s Day

Our second day of fasting in solidarity is in the books. I, along with dedicated activists across Miami-Dade, am fasting until Friday to bring awareness to Mayor Gimenez’s feeble acquiescence to Trump’s unconstitutional deportation force. The mayor has already began the deportations through the Dept. of Corrections while Trump’s request sits in court. Families have been broken apart; lives shattered. All over political posturing fueled by fear.

Not long after this action, activists congregated at the county commission to speak on the topic, only to see it magically disappear from the agenda. When we began to speak on the spirit of keeping families together regarding a resolution for civil citacions to be given to minors in place of arrest in the context of protecting immigrant families too, mics were cut without regard for the constitution or respectable decorum. Myself and dozens of other leaders in the local Democratic Party or labor community were silenced, and even ejected, upon use of the word “immigrant.” In response, we staged a walkout because immigrants and their allies will not be silenced, mic or not.

Earlier in his term, Mayor Gimenez promised a group of school children safety and compassion — both of which are now in peril. For Valentine’s Day, those same children paid the mayor a visit, but the mayor couldn’t be bothered to take their “you broke my ❤️” grams.

We have a civil citation program for children in the spirit of keeping our children out of harm’s way and on the right path toward a productive life in a safe environment. How can our municipal leaders — in good faith — then turn around and start breaking up families? How can we send undocumented immigrants, of which many pay taxes, back to the country they fled when America is their true home? These deportation raids will leave scores of children to the foster system. More will face inhospitable conditions in their native countries. Some may never see a schoolbook again.

Our county jails are now holding members of our community like you and I based on these actions that follow orders from the president not yet seen to withstand court challenges. To date, 34 undocumented immigrants have been rounded up while the mayor pretends city commissions passing protections from these raids never happened. The bulk of the records for these immigrants are minor, with few showing records of alarm. See the full documentation below:

We are fasting until Friday because there will be a separate county commission hearing solely dedicated on this heinous action by Gimenez in which the county commission will decide whether to uphold or cease these WWII-era ethnic raids.

This is where community involvement is key. There are 250 total seats in the county commission, with a side room for other speakers and spectators of the public. Sign-ins to speak or have access to the 250 begin at 8a and close around 10:30a. While we already have the majority of public opinion, the goal is to flood the commission with immigrants and allies to block out the few Trump-ets that may come to the hearing. You don’t have to speak to have a seat, but you do have the option.

Join us Friday morning and make your voice heard before the leaders that work for us. Click here for more info on Friday’s hearing.